About Me

Hello! My name is Ellen Zhang. Some people know me as 张心雨。

I am currently a student at UGA studying Cognitive Science with a minor in Chinese and pursuing the New Media Certificate. A former artist and author, I now focus my creative energy on web design, graphic design and informational writing.

My goal is to be able to retire on the foothills of Colorado. In the long-term, I’m going to become a school psychologist but for now, I want to put my skills to use for good so I want to work for a non-profit.

Despite the appearance of some of my work, I’m a pretty low-key person.

I like website that have dark backgrounds that don’t burn my retinas when I visit them at night.

My favorite color is pine green. My favorite tea is roasted oolong and my favorite podcast is 99% Invisible.

Hope you enjoy your look-around my website! Cheers! ^-^